T Glass Creations Sea Glass Jewelry

Here are a few pictures from our travels to the Beach to collect Sea Glass, Shells, Sand dollars and Sand for our creations.   

 Serenity on the Beach.  Just around the bend is a great Sea Glass Beach.

 Collecting Shells and Sea Glass..   and trash as I go..

 Sand Dollar Hunting                 North California

Elephant Seals were on the Beach.  No collecting today!

 Dan enjoying the beach before we go out to collect Sea Glass - 2006

Dan is the owner/inventor of Hydro Force Fuel, LLC.  After a long research and development stage, he has designed a Hydrogen Fuel Cell that can be utilized on any vehicle to increase your gas mileage by 25%.   He has set standards in the industry to a new revolutionary high.  With the Hydro Force Fuel cell being compact, and keeping the system completely isolated from any of the vehicles electronics components he has been able to achieve what the other systems cannot.  He has developed a system that actually works without using a trick box to trick the vehicles computer into running outside the manufacturers specified parameters.  I couldn’t be more proud of my husband for the simple fact that he is helping the American people to reclaim their independence on the gas companies and their greed and at the same time, he is helping people start their own business by offering distributorship opportunities.

To find out more about this amazing product click on the link below.

Hydro-Force Fuel, LLC


Heading out to one of my favorite stops to snorkel for glass.  Its very hard to get to from land so we take the boat!


Snorkeling for Sea Glass.  He just saw a baby Nurse Shark!  Oh yeah, the octopuss too!  There were some awesome abalone shells here but we didnt collect those.


Divng for Sea Glass off the docks in California. 

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