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Purple Passion Sea Glass Pendant

$ 59.99 USD

This lovely pendant is a hand wrapped piece of rare dark purple and white Sea Glass.  Unique because it has a combination of colors.  You will also notice the one of a kind swirling that creates a spectacular eye catching addition this pendant.  Designed with 14k gold wire wrapped around this Sea Glass, you will no doubt get comments from everyone who see's you.  The Sea Glass is approximately 1 1/4" tall x 1" wide x 1/2" in depth. 

                      Item # P - 122                     

White and Purple Dreams

$ 59.99 USD

This stunning Sea Glass Pendant is a multi colored peice of Sea Glass wire wrapped in 14k gold wire.  This wonderful specimen is one of the most unique pieces we have found because of the characteristics between the White and Deep Purple colors.  The Sea Glass measures approximately 1" x 1".  This Sea Glass Pendant will be a great additon to any collection.  We think this piece of Sea Glass was once part of a wine glass or stem ware.
Item # P-123

Emperor Desires

$ 59.99 USD

Emperor Desires 

This Sea Glass Pendant will give you the feel of the oceans waves as they crash upon the beach.  Set in Gold-Tone wire, this piece of Rare Cobalt Blue Sea Glass embraces a piece of White Sea Glass.  The Cobalt Blue Sea Glass was found on a beach in Northern California in 2008.  The White Sea Glass was found on a beach in central California 2008.   The Cobalt Blue Sea Glass is approximately 2 ¾“ in length.  The White Sea Glass is approximately 1 ½“ in length.  Combined they make a dazzling addition to any jewelry collection.



Item # GL109                 


The  Jewelry  shown is exactly what you will get. 

 T Glass Creations will not substitue any item.  

Blue Visions Sea Glass Pendant

$ 59.99 USD

Blue Visions


This gorgeous Sea Glass pendant  is designed from Gold-tone wire wrapped around a large piece of Rare  Cobalt Blue Glass. 

This glass was collected on the Beach in Northern California         in 2008. 

 This Pendant measures a whopping

2 ¼“in length.  This  is a real show

stopper to say the least. 






Item # GL107        $59.99

  The  Jewelry  shown is exactly what you will get. 

 T Glass Creations will not substitue any item.  



Sea Glass

Sea glass (also known as beach glass, ocean glass, trash glass, mermaid's tears, lucky tears, and many other names) is glass found on beaches along oceans or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the water and sand, creating small pieces of smooth, frosted glass.  Basically, it’s the ocean acting like a big huge rock tumbler over a long period of time.

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