Gypsy Jewelry Collection 

 This Hand crafted Sea Glass Jewelry collection was inspired by the freedom that only the freedom of a Gypsy Soul can know until now.  

Let your heart soar as the Gypsy heart soars.   

Have you ever wondered what drives a Gypsy?  Most people tend to think of them as vagabonds, drifters and thieves.  I tend to think of them as free souls from the everyday pressures that life brings.  They have a way of life that most people would love to have.

The moon is full as the fire burns brightly, casting dancing shadows upon the darkness of the night.  The music is filling the stillness with the beating of drums and the stums of the mandolyn.  You can't help but let the music fill your body as you begin to sway to the beat.  The Gypsy Dancer moves around the fire as if to lure its flames into her soul.  As she moves, you can almost see her very essence becoming one with night.  Her smile, her eyes, the grace of her movements as she dances at one with Nature. 

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Gypsy Dancer - Sea Glass Beach Jewelry Necklace Earring Set # G104

$ 59.99 USD

Gypsy Dancer


This hand crafted Sea Glass Jewelry was created with the Gypsy Dancer in mind.  Bringing visions of dancing freely with the spirit of nature, this unique necklace embellishes a silver drop with a scroll design.  The drop is adorned by a piece of Green T Glass approximately 1" long surrounded by layers of Silver Chain to bring out the Gypsy Dancer inside us all.  The Silver Chain is 18" long with a Silver Toggle Clasp to hold it securely in place.   The earrings are approximately 3 " long with a long French hook.   Each earring adorns one piece of Green T Glass approximately dime sized.  

You will love how you feel when you wear this special creation. 

Click to view larger image of  Gypsy Dancer

Item # G104                                $59.99 

The  Jewelry  shown is exactly what you will get. 

 T Glass Creations will not substitue any item.   

Beach Visions - Sea Glass Beach Jewelry Sea Shell Necklace

$ 59.99 USD

Beach Visions 

When our designer found this shell looming in the shallows half buried beneath a rock, she knew exactly what this creation was going to look like.  The center of this special design is based out of a section of shell, draped with two crystal beaded bobbles.  Set on an antique tone necklace that is 18" long with a secure clasp holding it tight.  There are two detailed antique spacers on the necklace which bring a charm to this creation.  The second chain brings back a time when classic two chain necklaces were common place.  Again with the Gypsy spirit in mind, this hand crafted necklace will add a touch of nature and unique style to your jewelry collection.

View larger image of Beach Visions

Item # SD126                 $59.99   

The  Jewelry  shown is exactly what you will get. 

 T Glass Creations will not substitue any item. 

The Seer - Sea Glass Beach Jewelry Sea Glass Necklace

$ 49.99 USD

The Seer 

This one of a kind Sea Glass Necklace was inspired by a Gyspy Fourtune Teller who read fourtunes at a small fair in Maine.  Recreated by T to capture the essense of a kindred spirit. 

This one of a kind, hand wrapped charm has a ¾“sized piece of 

Rare Dark Blue T Glass hand wrapped in Silver.  The hand made

delicate bends in the drop show the grace and elegance of yesteryear. 

Simplicity and Elegance at its finest draped on an 18" Silver chain

with a Silver Toggle clasp in the back to keep it secure.  Every

element on this one of a kind necklace is hand made.  Sea Glass

found in Northern California in 2008. 


Item# G105                              $49.99 

You will love how lets the Gypsy Spirit in you soar.  

Click to see larger image if the Seer

The  Jewelry  shown is exactly what you will get. 

 T Glass Creations will not substitue any item.   

Purple Cascade Sea Glass Jewelry Sets

$ 79.99 USD

Purple Cascade

This elegant set encompasses the gentle surf of an evening on the Beach at Sunset.  Set on an 18” Antique Chain with nautical rope and leaf accents and a antique toggle clasp, sets one piece of T-Glass in a very Deep Purple.  To say the least, a rare find.  The piece that adorns the necklace is approximately 1 ¼“ in length.   Each of the earrings adorns one piece of very Deep Purple T-Glass that measures approximately 1” in length.  The earrings base is a small antique French hook.


Item # GL115                      $79.99


See larger image of Purple Cascade

Green Tear Drop Set Item # GL104

$ 39.99 USD


Green Tear Drop Set


You will love how this set will accessorize anything you wear.  It not only is a great addition to formal wear as well as just wearing your jeans.  The set is designed out of an 18” Silver chain with a Heart Toggle Clasp to keep it secure.  The Tear Drop Dangle adorns a dime sized piece of Green Glass.  The earrings are also in the Silver Tear Drop Design.  The small French hook supports one piece of Green Glass in each earring.  All three pieces of Green T-Glass is approximately dime sized.  You will love this basic Tear Drop Set that lets you show off your love of the Ocean.


Item # GL104                     $39.99

 See larger image of Green Tear Drop Set

The Dive - Sea Glass Beach Jewelry - Necklace

$ 39.99 USD

The Dive


This piece consists of one piece of White Dive Glass as a backdrop for the Rare Dark Blue Dive Glass.  The White Dive Glass is approximately 2” in length and 1 ¾“ in width.  The Dark Blue Dive Glass is approximately 1” long.  These pieces were discovered not far off the beach in North California in 2008.  This eye catcher is set on an 18” silver chain with a silver toggle clasp.   This is one of our largest pieces to date and probably one of the most unique pieces we have designed. 

Item # GL111                   $39.99    

Click to see larger image of The Dive

T Glass Creations - Sea Glass Beach Jewelry will not substitute any item.  The item shown is the exact piece you will receive. 

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