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As with many pet owners, vacationing often brings the turmoil of either trying to figure out who is going to care for our dogs or we simply resume the yearly event of putting our beloved pet into a kennel.  Either option might be ok for some people but for those of us who enjoy beach combing with our dogs at our side, this just isn’t something we would do.  So, we take to the internet or the phone book and resume the tedious task of trying to find a beach that will allow our pets to enjoy the beach as much as we do. has taken the guess work out of deciding which beach might let your pet enjoy the sand and surf out of the equation by providing a list of great beaches to visit with your dog.

As reported by on July 20, 2009 the top 10 Dog friendly beaches in the United States are not only great escapes for your dog, they also bring a promise of a great time for you as a great weekend beach getaway. As always I suggest going to the website for each beach you plan to visit and learn the rules of the area before you decide on your destination.  You can also check with each states main websites before you visit to see a complete list of dog friendly beaches in the area. 

See bottom of this page for basic dog rules on the beach.  Please be responsible with you dog.


Looking for Sea Shells

#1 Cape San Blas (Port St. Joe, Florida)

Many beaches across the nation have restrictions on when and where pets can play, but Cape San Blas beach throws out the old rulebook. Owners can bring their pups year-round, anytime of day and let them run leash-free along the entire beach. Want food? There are tons of pet-friendly restaurants in the area. Want adventure? There is also a pet-friendly sailing program where you can bring your dog on your very own ocean trip. With freedom, food and fun, Cape San Blas is the total package! Cape San Blas Website

#2 Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis, Maryland)

Deep in Quiet Waters Park dogs will find their dream playpen. This Maryland park has fenced off an area completely devoted to pooches, including its very own dog beach! Besides providing the sand and water for fun in the sun, Quiet Waters also has a large, annual Howl-O-Ween Barkin' Bash where dogs and owners dress up in their best costumes and parade around the park. Quiet Waters Park Website Photo Courtesy of: Friends of Quiet Waters Park

#3 Block Island (Rhode Island)

This tiny island off the coast of Rhode Island is a gem for dog-friendly beaches! With year-round access and a laid-back leash policy on all its beaches, Block Island certainly stands out among the rest. Another perk? The island prohibits all motor vehicles, so you never have to worry about your playful pup accidentally getting injured by a car. Block Island Website Photo Courtesy of:

#4 Cannon Beach (Cannon Beach, Oregon)

West Coast dog owners looking for a weekend getaway should definitely check out the majestic Cannon Beach in Oregon. Once there, you can walk in the sand with your leashed pooch for four miles along the Pacific Ocean. Not only is the beach scenery great, but the nearby town is equally wonderful with its dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and shops. Cannon Beach Website Photo Courtesy of: George Vetter/

#5 Fort De Soto Park (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Fort De Soto Park has so much to offer: beaches, camping, fishing and tons of nature trails. But it gets even better for four-legged visitors! Fort De Soto also has an amazing dog park called Paw Playground. The puppy pen is separated into two fenced-in areas - one for big dogs and one for small pooches - so there can be safe play for all. Additionally, the park features a dog beach, dog showers and fresh drinking water. What more could a dog-owner ask for? Fort De Soto Park Website

#6 Carmel City Beach (Carmel, California)

This breathtakingly beautiful beach is perfect for the couple looking to stroll along in the sand with their pet. And after a peaceful walk on the beach, you and your dog can meander up to the charming town of Carmel, where many restaurants and shops are completely dog friendly. Carmel City Beach is ideal for a romantic day that can include your pooch. Carmel California Website Photo Courtesy of:

#7 Jekyll Island (Georgia)

Looking for a little playtime with your pup down South? Stop by Jekyll Island, what many call the "Jewel of Georgia." It's a perfect, eco-friendly getaway for you and your pet. Start by walking the ten miles of unspoiled white sand beaches and spend the rest of the day taking in the natural landscape on a nature walk. Jekyll Island Website Photo Courtesy of:

#8 Coronado (San Diego, California)

A fun beach for pets and owners alike, the sunny beaches around Coronado are also famous for hosting some of the most unique dog competitions in the area. Our favorite is the Loews Coronado Bay Resort surf dog competition in Imperial Beach - the nation's largest surfing competition for pups. Coronado Website

Other Dog friendly beaches posted on  I have not had the pleasure of investigating these beaches but other people have posted them as great places to visit.

Huntington Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, California

Again, the Great Lakes are nearly ignored. Michigan is surrounded by uncrowded beaches that are very dog friendly.

Cape San Blas isn't crowded and you can walk for miles and never see anybody.

about 10 miles south of Atlantic City is stretch of sand called Dog Beach, a great spot for dogs on the Jersey Shore. It's in Egg Harbor Township, right next to Longport

Cape San Blas, Indian Pass and Alligator Point Florida

Saint Ausutine, Florida

First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA! It's my favorite, we camp there every summer and I can spend all day on the beach!

You also forgot the great dog beach in Huntington Beach, California....

Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, FL has a section of the beach that allows dogs..called Dog Beach.

Amelia Island, Florida is a great spot with many dog friendly restaurants in Fernandina Beach and around the island.

Outer Banks in NC. Great place to take your dogs and most rental houses are dog friendly

There is a completely fenced lake and beach in Stow, OH called Bowwow Beach that is awesome!

Lake Erie Dog Friendly Beach

Just west of downtown Cleveland, the city on the lake, you will find scenic Rocky River. Tucked away there is a gorgeous sandy beach on beautiful Lake Erie. It's hidden away, though, so part of the adventure will be finding it.
If you would like to add a beach to our list, sign our guest book.

 Basic Dog rules on the beach as provided by  Montrose Dog Beach Rules

1) All owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries causes by their dogs.

The first rule of the DFA is “all owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries causes by their dogs”. There are two ways that should be read. The first is obvious; if your dog hurts another, you are responsible and will will have to pay for any damages. The second is that you are entering an area where your dog may come into contact with a dog that could hurt it. As a dog owner you are responsible for keeping your dog out of harm’s way. Even if your dog is very friendly, you still have to be aware of the other dogs and how they are reacting towards yours. The best way to stop a fight is by preventing it.

2) Off-leash dogs must remain within the fenced area at all times.

The boundaries of The Montrose Dog Beach are designated by the rock walls on the southwest, and the fence across the sand on the east. Dogs are only allowed on the beach within the off-leash area. Respect other beach users by keeping dogs in the off leash area. The Chicago Police monitor the beach on a regular basis and will ticket you if you are on the wrong side of the fence. The beach is a privilege in the City of Chicago, not a right. Please make sure you are that you and others comply with this ordinance, so that we may all continue in the future to come to the beach.

3) Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving the area.

Gates to the area must remain closed. Your dog has to be leashed when you come into the beach and when you leave the beach. Once you walk down the rocks and physically arrive on the sand you may then remove the leash. Don’t allow your dog to run onto the beach ahead of you. You can be ticketed for having your dog off the leash in the grass area in front of the Dog Beach.

4) Dog guardians must clean up after their dogs. Failure to do so can result in a fine up to $500.

It is up to every dog guardian to clean up after their dog every-time, no matter where, no matter when. If the police see you disregard the mess, they will fine you up to $500. It is extremely important that dogs not be allowed to defecate in the water. This could create a hazard for humans and other dogs.

Help keep the beach safe and clean by always cleaning up after your dog, and make an extra effort to clean up the “one that slipped by” for someone else. This extra effort will pay off for all of us by creating a cleaner, safer beach!

5) Dogs with a known history of, or who exhibit, dangerous behavior are prohibited.

Every owner should know their dog. If your dog does not socialize well with other dogs and/or people and children, coming to the beach is not a good idea. Any type of aggressive behavior is not welcome and not allowed on the beach- this is for the safety of every dog and person visiting the beach. Statistically, un-altered or intact male dogs are more often involved in incidents of aggression weather they are the instigator not. Mondog advocates neutering all male dogs.

6) Dogs must be healthy, fully immunized, de-wormed, licensed and wearing ID tags.

Before coming to beach make sure your dog has all of its shots up to date and is de-wormed for the protection of your dog and others. By law, every dog must have a current dog license and an rabies tag on their collars. This is for the safety of every dog and person.

7) An adult must accompany children under 12; young children must be closely supervised.

Children under 12 are not allowed on the beach without a parent or guardian. Children must be supervised for their own safety and that of the dogs. There are many parks and playgrounds in the city exclusively for children, and only a few parks where dogs can come to play with other dogs. Children are welcome to watch the dogs play, but must be watched closely.

8) Puppies under four months old and female dogs in heat are prohibited.

Because of the number of large dogs on the beach, puppies are more vulnerable to injury. Puppies are also at risk of catching dangerous diseases and parasites until they have completed all their puppy shots and boosters, usually by around 4 months old (but check with your vet before bringing your puppy to the beach). Additionally, when the waves are high it is more dangerous for puppies to be in the water as they could easily drown. Dogs in heat, or near heat, should not be taken to socialize with other dogs. Dog in heat are a fight hazard and present a danger to themselves and other dogs. Mondog endorses spading or neutering all dogs.

9) Dogs must be watched at all times.

Always, always, always have your dogs in eyesight. Your dog is your responsibility, so please keep a close eye on your dogs as they play, making sure that they are safe at all times. It is your responsibility to keep you dog out of trouble and under control, and to pick up after him/her every time.

10) There is a limit of three dogs per adult.

There is a strict limit of three dogs per adult. It is too difficult to watch over, control and clean up after more than three dogs. Got more than three dogs? Bring a friend to help! Professional dog walkers with more than three dogs are expressly prohibited.

11) Cooperation between dog guardians is essential.

Cooperation is essential for the dog beach to work, not just between dog owners, but between all beach users. Always be respectful of other beach users. Make an effort to work out any issues between the parties involved, or call the police or park security right away for serious issues. Mondog should also be made aware of any serious issues. Coming to the beach is a privilege, so enjoy it, have fun and be safe. We want the beach to be around for a long time!




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