Caring for your Sea Glass Jewelry  

Cleaning your sea glass jewelry

Maintaining your sea glass jewelry will keep it in pristine condition and will help preserve the right off the beach look.  Occasionally wash with liquid dish washing detergent.  I use Dawn for caring for my sea glass jewelry.  I have found that  using just a drop on my fingers and gently rubbing the sea glass jewelry with my fingers works best.    Never under any circumstances use a toothbrush on any jewelry that has crystal beads or shells.  The brush will damage them.  If you have a piece of jewelry that does not have shells or crystal beads, please use a brand new toothbrush that is only going to be used for cleaning your jewelry.  By all means, never, ever use toothpaste.  Toothpaste has course ingredients that will scratch your sea glass.   Pat your sea glass jewelry dry with a cotton cloth before storing it in an air tight container or bag.  Storing your jewelry in an air tight container or bag will not damage it. By storing it in an air tight container, it will also help to keep it away from the moisture in the air and will help to keep it from tarnishing.   

For tarnish removal on your sea glass jewelry you can either use a polish cloth or a silver cream.  Polish cloths can be a bit tedious but I like this method.  Silver creams are very gentle and do not have harsh fumes.  I suggest using a silver cream, for your jewelry a couple of times a year.  Depending on how much you wear your sea glass jewelry and the amount of humidity is in the air where you live, you may have to clean your jewelry more often.  (I buy the kind in the tub, not the bottled cleaners.  It’s a foamy cream and gets into the small areas of your jewelry quite nicely)

Simply pat dry after cleaning with a dry cotton cloth and store.  Please make sure that you dry completely all of your sea glass jewelry.  If you do not dry completely, you will have tarnish on your jewelry the next time you wear it.

I do not use silver dips because they do not clean the sea glass.  If you want to use a dip, please take care to clean the sea glass as well.

If you happen to notice tarnish stains on your sea glass, don’t worry.   This is easily removed by using a Q-Tip and a bit of baby oil.   Baby oil will completely remove most build up, tarnish, dirt and pretty much any other residue you see on your sea glass.  It will not remove everything but it does work very well.   After cleaning with baby oil, pat off as much of the oil as you can with a paper towel or napkin.  By cleaning with baby oil and blotting up any excess baby oil with a dry paper towel or napkin, you will also see that original frost and color come out in your sea glass jewelry.

Do not use cooking oil, Pam, make up remover, nail polish remover or any other harsh chemical on your sea glass to remove build up or soils.  You can and probably will damage your jewelry by using harsh chemicals to clean them.

You will see a decrease in the color and frost of your sea glass jewelry over time.  This is a natural process that happens when you handle and wear sea glass jewelry.  The oils that are present on your hands and skin will transfer to the jewelry.  You can restore the frost and original color to your sea glass by simply cleaning it with liquid dish washing detergent or baby oil. 

Handle with care. 

Your sea glass jewelry is, after all, made of Glass.  It can and probably will break if dropped on a hard surface.  Do not sleep with your sea glass jewelry on, it could damage it.

 If you maintain your sea glass jewelry regularly, you will be able to show off your spectacular specimen of the Sea for a life time.

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