Your very own Private Beach in a Bowl

Beach in a Bowl is a unique way of capturing a Private Beach right in your very own living room.  With Beach in a Bowl you can change the Beach as often as you like and customize your Private Beach just like a natural Beach setting.  Change the candle, the rocks or the sand and have a new private Beach every day!  With Beach in a Bowl, you are the architect!  No two beaches will ever be the same simply because Mother Nature and the Ocean can not duplicate any two rocks or pieces of Sea Glass / Beach Glass. 

Each Beach in a Bowl comes as a kit and requires minimal assembly.  You will receive one beach Bowl, natural sand from a beach, beach rocks or pebbles and beach found sea shells with each Beach in a Bowl.  Some Beach in a Bowl also come with one candle, sand dollars collected from beaches all over the world.  Every Beach in a Bowl comes with Natural found Sea Glass / Beach Glass.  The Beach in a Bowl shown in the pictures is the exact Beach in a Bowl you will receive.  T Glass Creations will never substitute any item with something you did not order.  Because of the assembly required, your Beach in a Bowl may vary slightly from the pictured item.  We provied you with everything pictured in our kits. 

The sky is the limit with a personalized Beach in a Bowl!

Beach in a Bowl kit 56 includes 1 Fancy Beach Bowl, 1 large white Candle, 1 hand collected beach found Abalone Shell, assorted hand collected sea shells,   4 hand collected sand dollars, hand collected beach sand and 8 pieces of natural Sea Glass collected from the West Coast.  Minimal assembly required. 

Beach in a Bowl - item #56

$ 29.99 USD

Beach in a Bowl - item #56


Beach in a Bowl item #58 includes 1 Fancy Beach Bowl, 1 Candle, 2 hand collected sand dollars, assorted hand collected Beach sand, assorted hand collected Sea Shells,1 hand collected Beach rock and 8 pieces of natural Sea Glass Collected from the West Coast. 

Beach in a Bowl item #58

$ 29.99 USD

Beach in a Bowl - Item # 58


Beach in a Bowl item #60 kit includes 1 fancy Beach Bowl, 2 hand collected Beach Rocks, 1 Candle, 1 hand collected Sand Dollar, Assorted hand collected Sea Shells, Hand collected North Carolina Beach Sand and 7 pieces of natural Sea Glass collected on the West Coast.

Beach in a Bowl - item #60

$ 29.99 USD

Beach in a Bowl - item # 60

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