Your very own Private Beach!

With Beach In A Bottle, you can create your very own private beach.  Rearrange your beach as often as you like.  Its Your Beach!  Each Beach In A Bottle is a one of a kind Beach unique unto itself.  There will never be another Beach like yours because the components in each Beach In A Bottle are all designed with naturally occurring items.  Each Beach includes genuine Beach Sand, Shells, Rocks and Sea Glass.  Some of the Beach in a Bottle include a candle for those intimate times that you would like to add ambiance to your decor.  All of our Beach In A Bottle come as kits which are very easy to assemble.  Because you are the architect, your beach will never be duplicated.

Beach In A Bottles make Great Mothers Day Gifts, Birthday Presents and Anniversary Gifts.  You can give the gift that everyone will remember and want to show off. 

A Private Beach In A Bottle

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Your personal Private Beach in a Bowl

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Beach In A Bottles come in a variety of different combinations.  We have divided them into container shapes for your convenience.  Click on the picture or text to view more selections.


Your very own Private Beach in a Glass

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Your Very Own Private Votive Beach

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