If you own a Sea Glass  or craft related web site and would like to place your link on our site, please do the following:

1.   Select one of the banners below and add them to your links page.  To do this place your mouse over the image and right click. 

To save the image to your computer.  Upload the image to your web site and link the image back by adding  http://tglass.synthasite.com/ to the link.  If you use one of our images on yoru web site, you must also use a text link. 

2.   After you have placed a link to our page, Email us with the exact location you placed the link.  Example, http://tglass.synthasite.com/links.php.  In the subject line please write "Link Exchange". 

After we verify your link we will place your link on our Friends and Links page.  If you add an image link you must use the description below under any banner image you use as a link.   Indexing bots and crawlers do not index image text as links.

Note:  If you place an image with text link, an image with text link will be added to our site.  If you place a text link, a text link will be added to our site.  If you are having problems adding a link, please email us for help.  We will be gladd to assist you in a link exchange.




T Glass Creations - Sea Glass Beach Jewelry, hand crafted and designed for the beach lover in us all.  Link to http://tglass.synthasite.com/


Please allow 1-2 Business days for complete link exchange.  We will reciporcate your link as soon as possible. 


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