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Have you ever taken a walk on the beach, looking for that special shell or souvenir to take home with you? 

I think everyone has done this at least once in their lifetime.  So many people look at the pieces of glass and tend to walk over them or leave behind or throw it away!  It was this glass that first caught the eye of our designer, Tova, with the thought of jewelry.  What a better way to show the love for the Ocean and nature than to wear it?  

 A number of years ago, on a vacation with her husband to the sandy beaches of California, Tova spotted some of this beautiful glass on the beach and picked it up.  This time Tova did not put it in her bag of trash.  Tova saw something much more beautiful in this small piece of glass.  Jewelry!  Her husband, knowing how she loved to collect trinkets as sentimental memories helped her collect a few of these gems. 

Being a successful Native American artist, selling her art in galleries for the past 25 years, Tova moved her talents to the wonderful art of Sea Glass design.  This is how T (as we call her) Glass Creations was born.  We  are sure you will find something that catches your eye and if not, drop us a line.  Tova will be happy to create a unique piece just for you.

With her Blackfoot heritage, Tova proudly represents her culture to others.  Some of T's past art designs represented the Traditional Native American Art Work including Traditional Native American Fans, Dream Catchers accented with Eagle Feathers, Red Tail Hawk Feathers and Turkey Feathers along with Brown Bear Claws and silver accent beading.  She has also designed traditional drop beaded earrings and chokers which have been popular with many of her clients.  She has also created some of the most unique home decor designs available with Antlers from Elk, White Tail and Mule Deer.  T's strong ties to her Native American Heritage shows in all her Art Designs.  Her love of Nature can't help make you feel as if you are not only wearing the gift given to her as well as sharing your love of Nature with everyone who sees your T Glass Creations Beach Jewelry or Art.


Note:  Eagle Feathers and Red Tail Hawk Feathers are illegal to own if you are not Native American.  These items were designed and sold strictly for religious, spiritual Native American Cultural purposes.  Eagle feathers and Red Tail Hawk Feathers will not be used in current designs.



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